Dioceses of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria & All Africa

 Archdiocese of Johannesburg and Pretoria

Archdiocese of Nigeria

Metropolis of Zimbabwe

The Arab speaking Orthodox Community

Συμβούλιο Απόδημου Ελληνισμού (ΣΑΕ) - World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE)

ΣΑΕ Αφρικής-Εγγύς/Μέσης Ανατολής




Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople

Oικουμενικό Πατριαρχείο Kωνσταντινουπόλεως

Patriarchate of Alexandria and All Africa

Πατριαρχείο Aλεξανδρείας και πάσης Aφρικής

The Greek Orthodox Patriarchate in Jerusalem

Patriarchate of Antioch

Patriarchate of Moscow and All Russia

Orthodox Church of Georgia

Patriarchate of Serbia

Romanian Patriarchate

Church of Bulgaria

Church of Cyprus

Church of Greece - ECCLESIA: Ο Οίκος της Εκκλησίας της Ελλάδος

Church of Albania


Estonian Orthodox Church

Archdiocese of America

Orthodox Church in America (OCA)

Metropole Grec-Orthodoxe De France

Metropolis of Mount Lebanon, Byblos and Botris: Metropolitan George Home Page

Church of Australia

The Orthodox Archdiocese of New Zealand

The Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of Aleppo in Syria

Metropolitanat of Montenegro and Littoral

Serbian Diocese of Raska and Prizren

Church of Korea

Church of Finland

Church of Japan

Serbian Church in the Western United States

Church of Crete

Ukrainian Church of Canada

Antiochian Archdiocese of North America

Metropolis of Canada

Metropolis of Hong Kong

Greek Orthodox Diocese of Pittsburgh

Iera Metropolis Lemesou

Iera Mitropolis Philippon, Neapoleos, ke Thasou

Holy Metropolis of Cephalonia

Iera Mitropolis Patron

Orthodox Archdiocese of Belgium & Exarchate of the Netherlands & Luxemburg

Iερά Mητρόπολις Aττικής

Iερά Mητρόπολις Δημητριάδος

Iερή Mητρόπολη Σερρών και Nιγρίτας

’γιον Oρος

Mt. Athos

H Oρθοδοξία στην Iταλία

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Italy "Ortodossia in Italia" 



Orthodox Christian Missions Center

Orthodox Parishes in Greater Manchester, England

The Greek Orthodox Community of the Twelve Apostles Hertfordshire UK.

St. Peter of Cetinje Brotherhood

Griechisch Orthodoxe Pfarrgemeinde Heiliger Georgios Wiesbaden Mainz

The Commision of the Orthodox Church in Germany (1)

The Commision of the Orthodox Church in Germany (2)

Greek Orthodox Cathedral of The Annunciation in Atlanta

Catedral Ortodoxa Grega de Sao Pedro in Buenos Aires

Elliniki Kinotis Agiou Georgiou Viennis (Austria)

Iερά Mονή Mεταμορφώσεως του Σωτήρος, Kορέα

Iερός Nαός Yψώσεως Tιμίου Σταυρού Kαστέλλας

πατήρ Aναστάσιος Mπαστούνης

Πανελλήνια ΄Eνωση Γονέων


St. Aikaterina of Sina

Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra

Decani Monastery

Serbian Monasteries

Golia Monastery



Orthodox Christian Students Homepage 

Orthodox Scouting for the EOCS 

St. Nicholas Children's Home



World Council of Churches

Middle East Council of Churches

All African Council of Churches 



The Christian Coptic Church of Egypt



Schools & Research / Teaching Projects


University of Athens - Department of Theology

Faculty of Theology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Patriarchal Institute for Patristic Studies

Institut de Theologie Orthodoxe Saint-Serge

Dumbarton Oaks

Department of Orthodox Theology Munich

St. Andrew's Greek Orthodox Theological College

St. Kliment Ohridski Faculty of Theology, University of Sofia

St. Andrew's College in Winnipeg - Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada

The Greek Orthodox Theological Academy of Toronto

St. John of Damascus Faculty of Theology - University of Balamand

The St. Tikhon Theological Institute in Moscow

Russian Christian Institute

St. Philaret Orthodox Theological School

Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology

St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary

Patriarch Athenagoras Orthodox Institute

St. Herman's Theological Seminary

St. Tikhon's Orthodox Theological Seminary

Saint Athanasius Academy of Orthodox Theology

The Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies, Cambridge


Orthodox Prayers and Literature 


The Arab speaking Orthodox Community

Orthodox World News

The Christian Activist Online 

Eastern Orthodox Spiritual Direction Files 

Liturgical Petitions for those persecuted in Serbia 

The Orthodox Bard 

Orthodox Prayers 

Orthodox Saint of the Day WWW Calendar 

St. Pachomius Library 


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