St. Nektarios 2nd Message 10/09/98 (English)

Saint Nektarios

Metropolitan of Pentapolis, The Wonder-worker


Your Eminences the Metropolitans and Your Graces the Bishops of the Holy and Apostolic See, My beloved brothers and co-celebrants in the Holy Spirit, may the Grace and Peace of God be with you.

 It is hereby made known to you that, by decision of the Holy Synod, the year 1999 is to be dedicated by our Church to the memory of Saint Nektarios, Bishop of Pentapolis, the Wonder-worker. 1999 is the 110th anniversary of the saintís ordination as Bishop, and it is our intention that the light of his spiritual personality, his work and teachings, should receive the appropriate respect.

 I therefore address you and urge you to:

 a. prepare and organize, upon your own initiative, various activities and celebrations in your Archdioceses in honor of Saint Nektarios, for whom the Church of Christ on Earth, and particularly the Greek Orthodox Church, has special respect.           

 b. in the upcoming year, 1999, celebrate the memory of St. Nektarios on 3rd September, the anniversary of the removal of his holy relics in Aegina, and also on 9th November, the anniversary of his falling asleep in Christ.

 With these words, I embrace you with brotherly love, and implore the Grace and infinite mercy of God to be with you all. With prayers to our Lord and beloved brother in Christ.


In the Great City of


September 10th, 1998