Enthronment of H.B. Irineos, Patriarch of Jerusalem - Amman 02/10/01




AMMAN, 2/10/2001


Your Beatitude Irineos, Patriarch of Jerusalem, Jordan and all Palestine,  beloved brother in Christ,


It is with great pleasure and brotherly love that we arrived here with our entourage, in order to celebrate this special day with Your Beatitude. This day you are enthroned in Amman as the Head of the Church of Jerusalem, Jordan and all Palestine.


Our presence here proclaims two things: First of all it is a proclamation of our joy and love for Your Beatitude; second it conveys the deep love of the Church of St. Mark for Your Beatitude and our solidarity with the Holy Sepulcher.


The announcement of Your worthy election and installation as the Head of the Church of the Holy glorious Apostle Jacob, the Brother of Christ, resonated not only with us but also with the whole world.


Your load is a heavy one to carry and a tremendous cross to bear. However, the holy providence that has chosen and called you to take this  position, will always be your helper and patron in your heavy task of guiding  the spiritual flock of the Church of Jerusalem and All Palestine to the haven of salvation.


Your road is a long and arduous one. Today you are going to hear ‘Hosanna’ and tomorrow ‘crucify him’. You have to expect the cross which is the destiny of every spiritual leader.


Knowing this, we assure you that the Church of Alexandria and All Africa will always stand by your side.  We will support your work and endeavors to preserve the holy and venerable places of worship of the Church of Jerusalem, Jordan and all Palestine.


Moreover, history reassures the unbroken relationship of love and cooperation between the two Churches. The Church of Jerusalem always gives support to the Church of Alexandria and vice versa. The history of both Churches has shown many cases of this brotherly solidarity and close cooperation for the benefit of both. Two of my predecessors, Photios the Third (former Bishop of Nazareth) and Christophoros became Patriarchs of Alexandria having served the Church of Jerusalem.


It is only appropriate that this love and appreciation of the Church of Alexandria and All Africa and of her Head to Your Beatitude and the Church of Jerusalem and All Palestine should be considered a given fact.


We have know each other for a long time and are affiliated by brotherly and unfeigned love. This is a great joy and honor for us. These bonds are now going to be reaffirmed and strengthened for the benefit of both Churches.


Today, by the grace of God we pray to our merciful Lord, who rendered Your Beatitude as Shepherd of the Church of Jerusalem, Jordan and all Palestine, to watch over Your Beatitude and to grant you many years and a fruitful patriarchy for the glory of the Holy Trinity. Amen!